Cogm August publication


I will like of you to understand and believe this undeniable fact that we are living in a very competitive world(cosmos) .
Please have this understanding that this world ;i mean our very planet earth is highly competitive in nature ….almost every where is full of competition and those with comparative advantage gain mastery over the majority (the hoipoloi)..different fields of life endeavor such as :technology, social media,medicine,engineering, education, the business mogul,scientific discovery, entertainment industry, politics,innovative enterprise,the entrepreneur and lots more…are fully engage in a life competition ,but amazingly the survival of the fittest emerge a giant while others are just a victim of the scene. WHY??? It’s because of unskillfulness in understanding the principles and theories that work out success.
Friends,though we are living in a very competitive world, I will like you to understand that we are not suppose to be a competitor ,but rather an achiever .The qualities of man’s success to standout with an enviable paradigm is a function of his mind…SHOW ME A MAN THAT HAS GAINED MASTERY OVER HIS MIND (BATTLE FIELD),AND I WILL SHOW YOU A MAN THAT WON’T STAND TO LOSS ANY BATTLE OF HIS LIFE.
Let me proceed into the details of our concept i.e how to stand out in a very competitive world,by expounding to you a very crystal proof on the aspect of our mind set in relation to our success or failure. Please understand and agree with me that your MIND IS THE FACTORY FOR THE EFFLEUNCE (OUTFLOW) OF EVEEY ISSUE OF YOUR LIFE..the book of proverb in chapter 4:3,chapter 11:29, and chapter 12:8,established this fact.
The commendation of man is according to his wisdom,so also is his despisement which is in accordance to the function of his perversed heart. I will like you to be very ardent (glowing with a burning passion) as we examine the theories, and principle’s that is proven to be a very success formula for an outstanding individual in different areas of life.
Furthermore, I will like to explore the proven two steps formulas/principles for outstanding success. The first principles which can break the infrontier life odds and level up any individual to be among the topmost achievers in life is what I called ;THE PRINCIPLE OF BUILDING UP YOUR WINNING MIND/STIRRING UP YOUR TEAM SPIRIT.
Before I explore on the concept of mind,I like you to understand that SUCCESS is a universal desire of everyone, but however, not every one stand to accomplish it because every success is place on a level demand ground of sacrifice for it accomplishment .but I will like to crystalline this point that evey human being has an equal right (law of equity) to achieve any form of desirable success in life. The concept of success is place on the level ground of equity, but it accomplishment is determined by the power of choices we make at every moment of our life.
Dear friends, please understand that you are not born to constitute to the decadency overing around the cosmos,but rather you are born to be a solution to every problem/challenge via the divine wisdom of God to dare the incredible…. Jeremiah 1:5…Daniel chapter 4:1-9,18,24,….No one is born a dude(unskillful, inexperienced), but every successful achievers in life planned to standout by reason of choice governed by mind.


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