The historical Jesus

After Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire, a theologian and historian named Dionysius began the custom of numbering years based on the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. According to Dionysius’ plan, Jesus was born in the year 1 A.D. (which stands for Anno Domini, the Year of the Lord); the previous year was […]

The historical Jesus

Published by Christ gospel mission worldwide

Christ gospel mission worldwide. a k a the gospel mission network is an interdenominational mega Christian community. its a body of Christ globally with a mandate of preaching the good news of Jesus via the media...this commission came fully to operation on 14th of August, 2017. presiding by Adigun Oluwaseun .the organizational structure of the commission is made up of two members house of Rep from each state called the mission station.with four regional coordinator from different continents of the world. the commission is founded with 48 Epistles all through the year.and with 12 pillars all through the year... we are on various social media with the mandate to preach the good news of Christ and to get souls saved for Jesus. we have our online book store'home of salvation bookstore ". the whole team of CGMW welcome every life's and Individual to this great commission. this is the gospel mission network, a place where we network the world for Christ and we get souls saved for Jesus. it's home of salvation for every life.

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