There’s a realm which is beyond the natural universe we dwell ,its unexplainable by natural law. it’s the world of the commander’s called the supernatural. I like you to believe with me that the world of the supernatural is much more real than our natural world. The world of supernatural is very much powerful with the ability to govern ,and to control our natural world. It’s a realm above the naturality of man ,it’s determine Every events on this natural world .every loaded virtue we need are stored in the world of the supernatural ; it’s a world full of treasure for the fullest delivery of our need…it’s God will and desire for his children to operate supernaturally ,enough of oppression and harassment ! By reason of our making we are not to live at the mercy of the devil because we have been divinely ordained to disdain the wickedness of the natural world .
” I have said ,ye are gods and all you are children of the most high -psalm 82:6″ . “According to the law of evolution “every living organism gives birth to young one of their own kind”. So by default we are gods ! Our father rules and govern in dominion; its means we are to live in this lifestyle because we are his image – Genesis 1:26. God supernaturally designed us in a very unique way,amidst other creatures its only man that God create ,other creatures where called into existence – Genesis 1:3-25.
The primary purpose for our existence is to dominate .we are created for uncommon assignments far beyond other creatures ,the existence of man is not to increase the census of the creatures but to live in sovereignty and dominion – Genesis 1:26. ” thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands .thou has put all things under his feet -psalm 8:6″. All things have been fully delivered into our hand ,God has place everything under our control to legislate as his ambassador ; and all authorities and powers have been given to us to reign as gods over every affairs of life. The superiority of our making is powerful beyond our widest imagination ; we can’t comprehend it with our natural sense. We are gods not just a man ! its look very harassing to see gods seeking for the mercy of ordinary men .
We are endowed with the authority and power to creates and to destroy – proverb 18:21. Living in oppression is not the agenda of our father (God) ;its very disgusting to live a bartered life .Enough of harassment,and intimidation from the power of darkness .awake from your slumbering ,An oppressed life is a denial of who we are !Sovereignty and dominion is our heritage in Christ .nothing can stop us from living supernatural life of God except IGNORANT and SIN. “But ye shall die like man,and fall like one of the princes – psalm 82:7″ SIN deprive man of his entitlement and identity.” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (ignorant) – Hosea 4:6″ .IGNORANT is very deadly as SIN ,its a state of unconsciousness from realities and facts.
You are not designed to suffer from devil and his cohort. You suppose to be in command of the supernatural. We are seated with Christ in the heavenly places ,we are from above and we are above all .we are far beyond the ruling powers of the darkness .No more failure ,impoverish and humiliation. The DNA of our father (GOD) is to make us to rules and to dominate .we are designed to govern the affair of our world as it is in heaven ” Mathew 6:10″ . God as specially made us to be his oracle to determine the affair of nations …

Living in supernatural and commanding the supernatural is our making by the reason of our inner traits ( inborn character). To engage in supernatural lifestyle, the following are the practices demanded :


1 . DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS /REVELATION:- when a man lack the real facts of his making ,he will suffer a bartered life beyond remedy because of the wickedness of the devil ! To live a supernatural lifestyle you need to be fully aware of your identity in Christ. Your mental pictures and approach needs to be restructure .knowing fully who you are is your access keys to the world of no limitation .There are seven hierarchy and levels of authorities in God’s kingdom : the first hierarchy are the ANGELS (worshippers, messagers ,and the warrior) .the second level are the CHERUBIM,SERAPHIM, and the OPHANIM (these are also angels ).the third hierarchy are the POWER (these are angels that excel in strength and might ). The fourth hierarchy are the PRINCIPALITIES ( most of people misunderstood this for kingdom of darkness it’s a borrow terms from the kingdom of light ,nevertheless.there’s are some angel of darkness that are principalities ). The fifth hierarchy are the ARCHANGEL. And the sixth is DOMINION (this is the hierarchy where God has place MAN) , And the seventh is THRONE (this is the highest of all the hierarchy. GOD THE FATHER, THE SON ,AND THE HOLY SPIRIT). “What is man that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man that thou visited him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels (GOD), and hast crowned him with glory and honour .thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands ! Thou has put all things under his feet . psalm 8:4-6” . God placed us in a realm of dominion far above the angels,powers, and principalities.
2 . BY FAITH /ACTION :- its high time we restructure our pattern of living from ordinary to extraordinary. Elijah was a man of like passion ,he commanded that there shouldn’t be rain for three and halve years and he shut the windows of rain against the people of Israel .He stood against the four hundred prophets of baal and prevailed -1st king 18:1-45. He legislate over the affair of nations ,and he determined every events that happen . king Ahab couldn’t reigned without him he was a national phenomenon to his generation with a global impact.
Daniel also exhibit this lifestyle. He commands the supernatural. He became gods to the lawless nations ,he was an inevitable phenomenon ,national consultant and solution providers .He is always relevant with undeniable impact. None of the four kings in Babylon during his dispensation could governed without his involvement .He was constantly relevant and inexhaustible with impact from the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, and Cyrus . He was able to operate supernaturally because of his action and faith.
Joshua the servant of moses in Joshua 10:10-14 operate in a very extra ordinary dimension by commanding the supernatural. He commanded the sun and its stood still and he made the moon to remained in the valley of Ajalon for complete twenty four hour (a whole day – Joshua 10:13). There’s no limitation to the full delivery of God’s virtue if we can act by faith and backing it with action. Faith is what we need to live above the naturality .
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Kingdom priority and time management





Many people have really made a mess of their lives because of ignorance of God’s priorities , mismanagement of time “life” and lack of understanding of God’s kingdom demands. A lots of careers ,businesses, marriages,and innovations suffered Pandemonium’s and loss because of poor understanding of kingdom priority and time management.
Time is life ! A good manager of time is a good manger of life. Every kingdom have it’s own priority, culture, norms, and principles…. It’s very expedients we search out what God’s priority is for our life and destiny. Like the children of Issachar which are men that had understanding of the times – 1st chronicle 12:32. You need to come to the level of realisation that God’s ultimate priority for your life and destiny is the key to access divine greatness you ever imagine. God’s gifts to men are enveloped in his priority. To scale a new height in your adventure , you must understand what kingdom priority and its practices entails. You need to know that God is the custodian of life, He have a good purpose for your life.
Now, let unveil God’s priority; the book of Mathew chapter 6 verse 33″ But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things be added unto you”. God’s ultimate concern for mankind is toward kingdom advancement. God’s priority is toward the seeking and settlings of the goal for the advancement of his kingdom.
Kingdom seekers keeps scaling a new height everyday ! The greatest access to abundant life is to seek for the kingdom growth. “Therefore take no thought saying what shall we eat ?or what shall we drink? Or wherewithal we be clothed ?for after all these things do the gentile seek : for your heavenly father knoweth that ye have need of all these things – Mathew 6:31 ,32 .God is much more aware of your need than you can ever imagine .He knew what you need ; but remember his gifts are enveloped in fulfilling his ultimate goal and priority. Kingdom seeker’s are dangerous people that devil can never dare! Your cheapest route and ladder to the topmost is to know his priority for your life and to be a good manager of life” time”.
God can never be mock ! He appointed time and season to every events of life – ‘Eccl 3:1-8’. So relax ,seek ye first his kingdom and fulfill his ultimate priority so as to be qualified for your desire level result. There are several great testimonies of God’s children who engaged in kingdom advancement and obtained a desire level result with undeniable proof . Your primary goal is to live for his purpose and not yours .
Total surrender, with meekness of spirit gives you a divine enablement and empowerment for a change of level when you find your way to his priority ;and the understanding of time will sustain your victory and achievements…
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The white throne judgement




White throne judgement concept in Christendom has been erroneously treated and misguided with different philosophical mind of view , religious doctrine, and personal ideology!
Hmmmmmn !Nevertheless,the foundation of God’s word standeth sure. The word of God made us to understand in Revelation given to the beloved apostle john in Revelation chapter 20 from verse 10 to end ;its clearly point out that God’s judgement upon the wickedness of humanity is highly inevitable…For the hours is coming when all who are in their grave will hear the voice of Christ -JOHN 5:28. The scripture show that God the father has faithfully committed all judgement of humans to the son “verse 22,30”. JESUS who is our lord and saviour will be the one to judge.
The judgement in Rev 20:11-13 is beyond human comprehension. It’s called the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT. the only yardstick required in escaping the white throne judgement is THAT YOUR NAME MUST BE WRITTEN IN THE LAMB BOOK OF LIFE…
Woe to you CHORAZIN !woe to you BETHSAIDA(these were cities of decadence)! For if the mighty work which were done in you had been done in TYRE and SIDON(earlier cities), they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes .But I say unto you , it will be more tolerable for TYRE and SIDON in the day of judgement than for you -Matt 11:21,22. Jesus was speaking in parable as touching the future judgement. TYRE and SIDON are very terrible cities with immortality,disobedient, idolatry, and sodomy .Nevertheless, many nations today across the globes are even more terrible and bad in moral degradation and decadence than TYRE and SIDON ,how much more terrible will the judgement be at the WHITE THRONE for this generation???

The word of God made us to understand clearly from the scripture the four categories of PERSON to be judged at the great white throne .

1. THE UNSAVED DEAD OF ALL TIME. “Then I saw a great white throne and him who sat on it from whose face the earth and the heaven fled . And there was found no place for them . And I saw the DEAD ,small and great ,standing before God and the book was opened ,and another book was opened which is the book of life . And the DEAD were judged according to their works by the things which were written in the book – Revelation 20:11,12″.

2. SATAN : DEVIL will be judge !!! He is the father of all ;liars , traitor’s ,Rebellion ,and deceivers of man kind .” And the DEVIL , who deceived them was thrown Into the lake of burning SULPHUR (BRIMSTONE), where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown . They will be tormented day and night forever and ever .Revelation 20:10″

3 . FALLING ANGELS : According to James 1:6 “And the ANGEL which kept not their first estate ,but left their own habitation, he hath reserved In everlasting chain under darkness unto the judgement of the great day”.

4 . THE MILLENNIUM BELIEVER :These are BELIEVER who will aligned themselves during the thousand years . They will be judge at the white throne judgement ; also there will be many BELIEVER that will live toward the end of the millennium . God’s original purpose needs to be accomplish on man kind after the great throne judgement. Their are FIVE basic result ” expectations ” of the FINAL JUDGEMENT.

These are the result of God’s final judgement upon his creations :
1 . Accomplishment of God’s PLAN.
2 . JUSTICE will finally served
3 . Christ MINISTRY will complete.
4 . the GOAL of HISTORY will be met.
5 . All humans are held RESPONSIBLE for their ACTIONS.

Friends, the best day to escape the great judgement of God is today! accept the lordship of CHRIST JESUS , and receive his LIFE into your life. If you are not a new creature,

White throne judgement 1

Your name will not be written in the book of life. The best gift ever offered to humanity in the history ; is SALVATION via the son(Jesus) . “John3:16″ he came to die for you and me. And he is coming back to judge the wickedness of this world. Believe me dear,any decision you make today served as a landmark for your eternity (eternal life / eternal condemnation). If you are Willing to surrender your life to JESUS ,please make this confession -Romans 10:10-14″ LORD JESUS,I COME TO YOU WRETCHEDLY .I CANNOT DENY THE FACT THAT I’M A SINNERS. I PLEAD FOR MERCY AND GRACE . CLEANSE ME WITH YOUR BLOOD AND CLEAR OFF MY NAME FROM THE BOOK OF DESTRUCTION ,I ACCEPT YOU AS MY LORD AND SAVIOUR TODAY. I RECEIVE GRACE TO WALK IN YOUR LOVE .WRITE MY NAME IN YOUR BOOK OF LIFE;AND GRAND ME YOUR FRESH LIFE ” . In Jesus mighty name .amen. CONGRATULATION,welcome to Gods great and big family.

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The judgement; part one




Then I saw a great white throne and him who sat upon it;from his presence earth and heaven fleds away ,and no place was found for them .And I saw the dead ,great and small standing before the throne, and books was opened .Also another book was open ,which Is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, by what,they have done -Revelation 20:11,12.
The white throne judgement is an inescapable judgement for any one who reject the lordship of Jesus over their life.God’s judicature is beyond human phantom .God has literally commit some judgement to the saints “When one of you has a grievous against a brother, does he dare go to law before the unrighteous instead of the saints? Do you not know ,that the saints will judges the world?and if the world is to be judged by you ;are you incompetent to try trivial cases? Do not know that we are to judge the angel ? How much more matter pertaining to this life -1st Corinthian 6:1,2,3”.God has committed some judgement to his saints according to “1st corin 6″
Judgement is approaching so fast,we are living in the last day ;the end of every livings is here” But who can endure the day of his coming , and who can stand when he appear . For he is like a refiner fire and like Fuller’s soap -Malachi 3:2,3″. Never live an unconscious life my dear, you never can tell what will befall you tomorrow, no flesh can stand the day of his coming,It’s a glominous day for the wicked,its will be a day of joy for the saint.the coming of the lord will be characterized with earthquake,hurricane, thunder , darkened of moon and the sun .the day of the lord will be powerful beyond mention.The of the lord will doubtless caught many unaware;always watch for we are not in darkness lest the day should caught us unaware.
The great judgement is where many life’s and souls that are not in christ will receive condemnation… Anyone who reject Christ as personal lord and savour is in jeopardy of eternal judgement…. The Bible made us to understand that God’s judgement will start in his own house.”For the time shall come that judgement must begin at the house of God:and if it first begin at us ,what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel – 1st Peter 4:17″
The judgement are categorized into two section:

SECTION ONE:HUMAN JUDGEMENT.This defined the practical and theoretical judgemental ability;its a judgement beyond facts;dogma of the absolute fact and value,its the moral judgement logistics;Prudential judgement (judgement toward happiness, and pleasure.). Under human judgement, there’s another ;
crucial moral law been imposed by the law of the ungodly. The human judgement is all about one personality .I .e its man to man based judgement.

And the angel which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation ,he hath reserved in everlasting chain under darkness unto the judgement of the great day . judge 1:6.divine judgement is the final judgement of every man on planet earth.every life accross this horizon will experience this judgement… No one can escape it .Its first begin with the fallen angel….Divine judgement is the judgement that God himself will bring upon every man kind. Friend ,i like you to understand that God will arise on the day of judgement to judge to the wickedness of our universe. NO LIFE .we escape it,its only those who have their name in the lamb book of life. Revelation 20:15.
The divine judgement stated the five concepts,these concept are the five way God : provide , incarnate, create, identify, and to consummate. The lord make a provision for every souls to be safe,He gave us JESUS to be our propitiation

The judgement; part two

Jesus is the only way to life .He is the way to eternal life from all form of guiltiness,frustration, judgement, and condemnation… Beloved ,please understand this concept “when a man refuse to accept the lordship of Jesus He’s in jeapoardy of eternal judgement….there only one way out and that is JESUS . If you wanna escape the perdition and the unimaginable sorrow of eternal guiltiness,judgement, shame,and condemnation .there is a need for you to become a new creature… 2nd Corinthian 5:27
Until you become a new creatures nothing change about you! If you are ready to surrender your life unto him today,please pray this prayer. LORD JESUS, I COME TO YOU TODAY,I KNOW THAT I’M A SINNER,I CANNOT SAVE MYSELF .PLEASE DELIVER ME TODAY AND WRITE MY NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE.I ACCEPT YOU AS MY LORD AND SAVIOUR. in Jesus name amen .for more enquire ,information, and for follow up. please visit our media channels:

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Part one: Hell ,death ,and destruction




“therefore hell hath enlarged herself,and opened her mouth without measure:and their glory ,and their multiple, And their pomp,and he that rejoiceth shall descend into it – Isaiah 5:14″.Hell is a spirit, it’s one of the cohort of the devil . The concept of hell is beyond the etymological knowledge. Today many religion believer’s think that hell is a location or a particular area where souls are been torment , even some believed that is it a particular zone where judgement is been input for the punishment of sinners .This assertion and believe is not enough to defined what hell is all about.
From the scripture we read ” Isaiah 5:14″ .Hell is refer to as a spirit not a place , its a system and one of the most devilish cohorts with a mission to torment ,afflict, starves with hunger according to Revelation 6:8″.and to temporarily torment the damned souls…unlike the folkloric history which depicts hell has another dimension under the earth surface for judgement of souls. Hell is a spirit “and I looked,and behold a pale horse :and his name that sat on him was death ,and hell followed with him – Revelation 6:8.
The operation of hell as a spirit (person) is not limited to the realm of the dead or afterlife . The primary mission of hell is to incurs affliction ,to inflict pain on life’s and to override destiny via another agent otherwise known as ” DESTRUCTION” Revelation 6:8, qsalm24:7-8. For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell ;neither will thou suffer thine holy one to see corruption – Act 13:34,psalm 16:10. Hell is a corruptible spirit . “And said ,I cried by reason of mine affliction unto the lord ,and he heard me;out of the belly of hell cried I,and thou heardest my voice – Jonah 2:2.”
Ye also ,because he transgresseth by wind,he is a proud man, neither keepeth at home,who enlargeth his derision as hell,and is as death and cannot be satisfied and garthereth unto him all nations,and heapeth unto him all people – Habakkuk 2:5. Hell, death ,and destruction are the spirit of demolition and degradation that deny and torment the life’s and destiny of those who are not in Christ .the word of God made us to understand that DEATH which is our last enemy shall be destroy in the last day “1st Corinthian 15:54”.Friends ,I want you to understand this that :Death has been defeated ,death as a person is a loser.he has been conquer, psalms 24:7,Hebrew 2:14,15. The legal right of death over the sons and daughter’s of God has been terminated – 1st Corinthian 15:55 .what empowered death over life’s is sin. Verse 56 of 1st Corinthian chapter 15.
In John 10:10, Jesus said ;the thieve cometh not but to kill ,to steal , and to destroy…In Jesus we have life!
He has come to redeem us from the destruction of our enemy call DEATH -Hebrew 2:14-15. Every unguilded life outside Christ is a victim of the mission of hell ,death and destruction. The cheapest means to scale out of the devilish mission of these cohorts is to be born again!

Thou wilt show me the path of life,in thy presence is fullness of joy :at thy right hand there are pleasure forevermore- psalm 16:11. The very cheapest way to escape the torment of hell ,death and destruction is to live a guilded life via the DIVINE DIRECTION -Exodus 33:13-15.
The sting of death is sin ,and the strength of sin is the law,but thanks be to God ,which giveth us the victory through our lord Jesus- 1 Corinthian 15:56-57.Another cheapest means to victoriously live over hell,death and destruction is HOLINESS. “For the sting of death is SIN”.
Hell,death ,and destruction has been conquered by the lord Jesus Christ ,he died and went to defeats HELL and he command