Part two:Hell, death ,and destruction

Our great victory and deliverance .The appearance of Jesus after his mission on the Calvary purchase us priceless liberty From the cohorts of devil and set free those who are bound by the power of hell ever since the falling of the first man(ADAM).Jesus appeared in hell to set us free from eternal bondage. Henceforth, we can live victoriously over the spirit of hell ,death , and destruction “Hebrew 2:14″.
Another cheapest way to be deliver from the cohort of the devil( Hell, death,and destruction) is to become a new creature. – 2nd Corinthian 5:17. To become a new creature is to be empowered for victorious life,if you want to gain your dominion over the cohort of the devil and to live as if devil and his agents doesn’t exist ! please pray this prayer ” LORD JESUS I COME TO YOU TODAY,I ACKNOWLEDGE I’M A SINNER.I COME TO SURRENDER MY TOTALITY AND LIFE UNTO YOU. DEAR LORD,WIPE OFF MY INIQUITIES BY YOUR BLOOD AND WRITE MY NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE.I ACCEPT YOU TODAY AS MY LORD AND SAVOUR. ” In Jesus mighty name .Amen

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Part one:sword of the spirit




“And take the sword of the spirit ,which is the word of God Ephesian 6:17″. The expression of God’s word which is usually refers to as divine message is the spirit of God’s revelation which unveil and makes great discovery of hidden truth and mystery . the sword of the spirit is our spiritual weapon with conquering power to overthrow every stronghold of the wicked.”2Corinthian 10:14”.
God’s word is the spirit of light which lighted and unveiled our spiritual status and kingdom heritage .the word alert our understanding and enhance our consciousness to have a lifestyle’s of dominion. “And be not drunk with wine ,wherein is excess but be filled with the spirit”.there are two dimensions via which the word manifest:the word first appear as a DIVINE MESSAGE its the bedrock for every vision, Revelation,and prophecy – john 1:1-2,Jeremiah 1:4,11-13.” Moreover the word of the lord came to me saying, Go and cry in the ear of Jerusalem saying thus saith the lord,I remember thee the kindness of thy youth,the love of thine espousal when thou wantest after me in the wilderness in a land that was not sown –Jeremiah 2:1,2″.From the scripture given above ,it was known that God himself expressed his word as a message to the Israelites.
In 1st Samuel,prophet Samuel said”stand still now, so that I may let you hear the word of God”.that depict the unveiling of God prophetic instruction to God’s peoples’
The second dimension of the sword of the spirit is the EXPRESSION OF GOD PERSON .John 1:1.the word which is Jesus himself live before all other creation, and the word will outlive every creation because it’s the creative power that bring all thing into existence both visible and invisible — Colossians 1:16. In the beginning was the word …this one was in the beginning with God “John:1,2″. Jesus been the first begotten ,he is the first born of all creation…He exist before all thing.” Colossians 1:13-17 “.
I’ll like to unveil the three phases via which the word manifest: its manifest as letter called the LOGOS,Joshua 1:8,its also manifest as RHEMA “the inspirational word of God;it’s the revelator and guidance toward all pursuit of life endeavor”. How long ye simple one’s, will ye love simplicity? And the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge. Turn ye at my reproof: behold I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you— proverb 1:22-23″.its the holy spirit in us that unveil and inspire the LOGOS we read;thereby enhancing our spiritual understanding to conceive and comprehend the supernatural dimension of God’s mystery.”John 16:13, 1st John 4:6″.The third phase of God’s word is” ZOE “Zoe is a Greek word which is translated as LIFE ,not just life as we may think (living or being alive) but an ETERNAL LIFE, UNENDING LIFE,GOD’S LIFE. Zoe is life of God has God himself ,its God’s kind of Life !
John 1:1,4 ,1’st John 5:11-12 ,John 6:63.
As a matter of relevancy in God’s system ,the only recognized weapon to create and uncreate man’s world and destiny is the word of God which is the sword of the spirit .”Ephe6:17″.In Hebrew 4:12 apostle paul analysed the four qualities in the word of God.” The word is quick,it’s powerful,it’s sharper than any two edges sword,and the word is a discerner of thought and intend of the hearts ” .
God’s word is the greatest inestimable source for all living.It’s launch us to unfold and access our real worth and value .the word is the spirit of God which is the spirit of prophecy; and that spirit is the life of every living. Proverb 20:27.
” The burden of the word of the lord for israel ,saith the lord ,which stretched forth the heavens and layed the foundation of the earth ,and formeth the spirit of man within him .Zechariah 12:1″.

Part two :sword of the spirit

God’s word is the greatest asset that can ever be posses by any man in order to access into the realm of the heavenly. Its the key to unlimited superfluous toward all round breakthrough in every pursuit of life .”For what man knoweth the things of a man ,save the spirit of man which is in him ?even so the things of God knoweth no man but the spirit of God –1st Corinthian 2:11″
The potency in God’s word is highly inexhaustible, infinite, and inexpendable to create ,and recreate our world. God’s word is superfluous in nature ,it’s pleonastic and supernumerary to any natural man abilities and wisdom. 1st Corinthian 1:18.
There are seven dimensional attributes of the sword of the spirit:
1 . The word is CREATIVE — Gen 1:3
2 . the word can PROCREATE(REPRODUCE, CONCEIVE)/ INTERPENETRATE –Mathew 1:18, Colossians 1:16.
3 . it’s the WEAPONS of war against every stronghold Ephesian 6:17 ,Revelation 12:11
4 . the word is ACTIVELY ALIVE (ZOE)– John 6:63.
5 . the word is a PERSON (it’s GOD himself) —John 1:14
6 . The word is REVELATIONAL –Hebrew 4:12
7 . The word is ETERNAL(INEXHAUSTIBLE) .It’s abide evermore– Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33.
The sword of the spirit is our greatest and strongest weapons to conquer every stronghold. It’s the hammer that break every rock (life hardship) into pieces ;the word is the fire that melt every anti destiny issue of life, it’s the discerner of every man’s thought and it searches the intend/inward of every man’s heart. The word is the testimony of the saints to overthrow devil and his cohorts, the word is Jesus the son of God which is God himself. The word is the life encyclopedia via which every user’s discover the values for life,and purpose for existence .My dear reader, Being alive without operating with the word is a great loss of every daily loaded virtue that defined greatness. The word is creative ,without the word nothing else was creates that was created .
It’s the spirit and life of God daily unveil and deliver to us toward all round profitability.
Friends, you can’t just afford to live an unguided daily life .you need God’s word for your life .you need the word of God in that battle of your life. You need the word of God to call into existence every hidden glory ,destiny and virtue.
Before you can have full access to understand all your kingdom right and heritage. You need to be born again. If u wanna make a great decision for Jesus today please pray this prayer as your life receive the new life of God” Lord Jesus ,I come to you today . I know I have come short of your glory. I’m so sorry for all my iniquities and disobedient .please clear off my name from the book of death and eternal destruction,write my name in the book of life.I accept you as my lord and saviour today . dear lord Jesus grant me access to understand the mystery of your word;so as to daily receive every blessing you prepare for me.” In Jesus mighty name .Amen. congratulation friends, welcome to God’s family . Your life will no longer remain the same again.
Thanks for reading. Please stay tune for our next week epistle. Remain ever blessed .Jesus is lord !

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You don’t have any alternate or short cut to eternal life,don’t be deceived!The only route to eternal life is Jesus. Friends, its better for you to make a wonderful decision for Jesus today ,invite him Into your life and make him the lord of your life .The word of the lord says ;by mouth confession is made unto salvation and with heart man believe unto righteousness”Roman 10:10-14″. If you wanna make a decision for him I guess today will be your best day,to make a boldly confession of him my friends please pray this prayer .
“LORD JESUS ,I COME TO YOU TODAY .I KNOW I’M A SINNERS, I CANNOT SAVE MYSELF .SAVE ME O LORD BY YOUR PRECIOUS BLOOD AND WRITE MY NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE.I ACCEPT AND DECLARE YOU TODAY AS MY LORD AND SAVIOUR “.In Jesus mighty name, Amen.CONGRATULATION .welcome to God’s family. Your life will never remain the same again .God bless you for reading this publication ,stay bless as you patiently wait for our next edition by October . we love you and we care for you;Much more Jesus love you than we do.

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our spirit will suck and digest it.that’s why many great men in the bible understood the effect of organ to our soul and spirit.job says in chapter 31 verse 1 “I have made a covenant with my eye ,why should I behold a lad.Solomon also expounded on the ear ” proverbs 17:4″, also paul letter to James in James chapter 3 verse 5 ,he talk about the tongue .likewise Solomon in song of Solomon chapter 4verse 10 talk about the nose. And the fifth organ (skin) was spoken by apostle paul in Ephesian 4verse 19,Hebrew 4verse 15.
Every of these transferring messages via our organs will be process by our analytical mechanism (the soul) and absorb into our spirit proverb 23:7.In summary, the spirit, soul and body are fully engaged in deciding the life of a man after the sempiternity 1st Corinthian 15:53-54.Like I aforementioned earlier, every life’s will be subject to eternity .nevertheless,there are two kinds of eternity i.e “eternal life and eternal condemnation” “Mathew 25:4-46″
2Corinthian 5:1 Paul says”for we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved(i .e the sempiternic nature)we have a building of God ,a house not made with hand,eternal in heaven’s(i.e eternal life). Eternal life is the life of God promised to every redeemed of the lord,its a portion of life that will be given to those who walk in pure holiness and in absolute obedience to his commandments.
Eternal life is God’s gift to all his children; its start here on earth with an endless life of God in us after the devolution /destruction of our earthly tabernacle”2 Corinthian 5:1”.In eternal life ,its only our spirit that will be activitely alive.the body would have return back to the dust Gen3:19,and we put on immortality with a glorious body “1 Corinthian 15:54″.
Only the regenerated and word filled soul can please the Lord ,there are three kinds of soul:the reprobate soul/mind..Roman1:26-28,the sense ruled/self esteem soul,and the word filled soul/mind – Romans 12:1-3.there’s joy,blessing,splendour and adoration await every sons and daughters of God that posses a word filled soul.the glory and majesty of what God prepare for his people after life is unspeakable ” Isaiah 64:4″.I like you to Concord with me that eternal life(God’s life) is our heritage,its our inheritance we inherit through jesus Christ .Let’s now explore on the concept of eternal dealth/condemnation.
Revelation chapter 14verse11″ And the smoke of their torment ascend forever and ever ,and they have no rest day or night “.Eternal condemnation is where many life’s and destiny of the ungodly ,and wicked people will receive total and inreverseable guiltiness and condemnation. Many at time people used to believed that eternal dealth is only in hell…there are different Instances that the Bible revealed as touching eternal condemnation.

SHEOL(pit, a place of torment. Number 16:22,33-33).
HADES(The grave)
GEHENNA (A place of torment ;valley of hinnom).
Nevertheless, all these aforementioned are not the permanent place of torment, or punishment for sinners.the eternal place of punishment for the lost is in Revelation chapter 20 verse 15 the place is called LAKE OF FIRE.hades,Gehenna, hell, Sheol,and other place of torment you can ever imagine are just a spirit of torment,they are the cohort of devil designed to temporarily afflict and inflict punishment on the lost soul “Revelation 6:8″.
The eternal kingdom for eternal punishment of sinner’s is the” lake of fire”.not only sinners or evil doers will partake in that kingdom. God’s systematically and Initially designed the kingdom for the torment of Lucifer and his cohort’s ..Revelation 19:20,Rev20:10,14 and Revelation 20:15.
Beloved, the only way to eternal life and to escape the horror of eternal death is Jesus “john14:6”. This is your time my dear, you can’t afford to loose heaven and go to hell .

Cgmw monthly publication September edition




The concept of ETERNITY has been wrongly conceived ,miscoted, and misguided by various individual, organization, religion theorists and philosophers.Nevertheless, the foundation of God’s word stand sure nothing can be added ,and nothing can be remove .
Eternity from the literal perspective is a concept that defined a form of existence or life without end. Eternity is a realm of timelessness, it also derived another interpretation which means an existence with a permanency. It’s an ageless and timeless form of existence.
Every life’s(human) on this planet is bound to experience eternity(eternal life,or eternal condemnation). Eternity In a common parlance is either an Infinite or an indeterminately long period of time,it’s a life different from SEMPITERNITY (an existence guided by time).

QUESTION; will there be life after dealth?
ANSWER; As early expounded ,it’s only on this planet(earth)that life is sempiternal (i .e life measured by time).Like I aforementioned, every life’s on earth is bound to experience eternity. Every of God’s creation from the lineage and genealogy of the first man(ADAM) will not escape eternity.
I like you to understand that the spirit/breath of God In us is eternal .Fortunately,the tabernacle (body)we live is sempiternal .it’s very expedient for you to understand that you are a spirit;and the spirit you carry is eternal.but the house you live is a degrading tabernacle “2 Corinthian 5:1” .God structurally designed us to be triune (tripartite in nature), we are spirit,we posses a soul,and we live in a body.
Friends, you must not fail to understand that amidst these three nature, it’s only our body that’s earthy (sempiternal), the other two nature are eternal. Nevertheless, the sempiternic nature we live superceed and control every man’s spirit and soul that are not in subject to the lordship of our lord jesus and to the guidance of the holy spirit,many life’s will be condemn to eternal damnation as a result of the superiority of the sempiternic nature (body). Now here come a question, does it mean that it’s the body that determine our place of eternity after life here on earth??? NO! The body can only influence an unguilded ,and unleading soul(mind) ,when the soul of man is corrupted as a result of what the body absorbed from the five sense organs,its will be transfer to the spirit.our soul is the analytical mechanism that operate inbetween our body and our spirit. The body has no power to decide on the choice of our eternity but its can influence our choice if negligent.To make eternal life as a matter of fact,you need to understand that its a basic decision culminated by our three nature(triune) .there must be an agreement between the spirit soul,and the body. without this,life eternal will be a mere dream for any believer.
You need to understand that each of these three nature affect and determine our choice in making eternal life.our body can be affected negatively or positively via the five sense organs and these effect can be transfer to the soul(analytical mechanism) and the spirit.Here come the true,every day of our modus operandi and activities lies on the functions of our organs(eye,nose, ear,tongue, and skin).
These five sense organ are the channel via which life’s are make or’s a system that transfer messages and impulses to our spirit and soul.The eye received signal ,its an organ for vision, the ear received messages an organ for hearing,the tongue communicate our thought a vocal organ, the nose for perception an olfactory organ ,and the skin for feeling our medium of touch /contact.All these organ transfer impulses and message to the analytical mechanism (soul)after been process ,

Part two

Romans 3:23,24,every one born of the flesh have come short of God’s glory ;verse 24 ,we are redeemed and restored by the power of grace .sin cut short man’s eternal life.but grace restored it back through the redemptive blood of Jesus,what the law can not do while we are in flesh, grace culminate God’s unmerited favour to do it.Romans4:16.
Grace and mercy are the bedrock for reviving and redeeming man’s salvation. Romans 5:20,21. the absence of God’s grace make man to work tirelessly with little yield..the only way to become a candidate of grace is to become a new creation 2Corinthian 5:17,18.
Friends, for you to have your dream come through speedily, you need to learn how to operate in God’s must confess his lordship over your life.Romans 10:10.the blessings of Gods towards us are unlimited,eye have not see it and it beyond mans thinking. Isaiah 64:4
Beloved ,do you desire an unusual speed to your utopia(vision,dream,aspirations) in life?the way out is God’s grace and’s the treasure house of God for undeniable blessing .as you acknowledge Jesus today In your life ,he will release his unmeasured grace into your life.
God bless you for reading. Stay connect with Jesus ,and be expectance to see our next series of September edition next week. remain ever blessed ,Jesus is Lord.

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Weekly Epistle (series two)




“Thy mercy o lord is in heavens;and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds”. The word mercy mean compassion “Roman 9:15”;its can as well be defined as forgiveness shown toward someone whom its within one’s power to punish or harass. The meaning of God’s mercy are severally defined by the Hebrew terms
KAPPORETH -it mean to ransom “propitiatory or the mercy seat
RACHAM- means to love,to have compassion, to show mercy
CHESED- means “goodness,” kindness, merciful or loving kindness.
Also there are terms in Greek that defined mercy. They are:
ELEEMON- means to pity ,to have compassion or to be merciful
OIKTIRMOS – is translated as the concept of compassion or pity.
God Mercy is God’s tenderhearted,it’s his loving kindness for his people.its the tenderness of his heart toward the needy,if grace contemplate human as sinful,guilty, and condemned. Mercy sees them as miserable and needy .I like you to have this clear understanding that God is please to show his mercy ,lovingkindness ,and grace even to his enemies, according as his own sovereign pleasure. Though the lord most high is infinite above let’s expound on grace.
Grace is the free and unmerited favour of God as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessing to all mankinds. God’s grace is the access key of freedom from all round condemnation. Roman8:1,2 Galatian 3:13,Titus 2:11.

Many at time,most people do very well misconceived the thin line between grace and mercy. Let us explore on the mystery of grace,I like you to understand that God’s grace is a total gratuitous gift of God to every mankind.Grace is what we do absolutely nothing to “earn” ,grace is the participation in Gods own life;its the fraction of God nature been deposited in us,in other word when God bestow his grace unto man its enhances man to be supernaturally empowered to operate in dimension that is above the natural strength…..
God’s mercy is the deposition of his lovingkindness and forgiveness founded on compassion.
1. COME TO THE END OF YOURSELF: you must acknowledged and agreed your frails and weaknesses, never pretend to be strong when you are weak
2. Understand the principles on how to approach Gods throne(presence): the psalmist declared in chapter 100 of the verse 4,”enter unto his gate with thanksgiving, and unto his court with praise”. The two fundamental techniques in approaching God’s presence are Thanksgiving and praise….giving thanks unto God is an application for more …when you praise him he move and when he moved everything move positively in your direction because our praise and Thanksgiving is our subscription to God loaded blessings and unlimited favour.
Quality praise and Thanksgiving is an invitation to call on the host of’s the only force that make God to move.consider the three Hebrew in the flames of fire,paul and Silas ,prophet Elisha and the minstrel, king David, Jehoshaphat…
3. YOU NEED TO COME TO MERCY TO EXPERIENCE MERCY: You must understand that God is the source of mercy, you need to sit where he sit,live where he live.Ask God to live In you .Exo33:3.God’s mercy enhances man to a level of becoming gods in legislating the cosmos(world);God made Moses to become gods unto pharaoh, he made Joseph father unto pharaoh,he also made Daniel a national consultant.

The most crucial and important thing you must not fail to understand is that (1) you must learn how to boldly approach his throne via humility without selfesteem or agnostic heart .act14:3,Heb 4:16.
(2)understand the nature of grace. Grace is a spirit,it’s Gods outpouring spirit upon his elect. zech12:10.

Re awakening the Christian community


To my beloved soldier of Christ.I like u to agree with me that the church of Christ at this end time is loosing her custom,value,and standard as a result of high rate of decadence overing around the world via media exposition(2nd timo 3:1-7,1st timo 4:1).
The main reason why we have unhealthy, unpeaceful, weak arm of govt and nations is bcos the church of God is weak! The church is the strength,light,Oracle,and consulting centre of every Nations (Zechariah 8:23,Mathew 4:14-16).However but now;Reverse has been the case. WHY???the church is weak.We have accustom to the demand of the heathen;its no doubtless that our local community, nations and the world at large will be weak.
Devil is still at the business of killing,stealing and destroying(wasting) many life and destiny through the media. He never stop!(John 10:10).We can’t afford to loose our worth and stand no matter the advancement of the technology .devil is so foolish by thinking he can corrupt the church of Christ through media,he missed it because we are taking over the media for Jesus!!!friends, now is the hour for every armies of Christ to be awake and undertake this task,let’s come together and stop the decadence, ungodliness,and immorality by blasting the media with the gospel of our lord jesus Christ (micah4:1-3).
Our modus operandi will be unleash to every member as they join the commission.I welcome u all to “the gospel mission network”.A home of salvation, where Christ is preach and souls are safe .Remember he that win a soul is wise,and those who turn many to righteousness shall shine as the star of heaven for evermore (Daniel 12:3).the word of the lord will never fail until Shiloh come.
From your beloved brother in Christ ADIGUN OLUWASEUN (PROF.SAM) 07063676941.