The last hour (end time1)



This also know that in the last day perilous times shall come – timothy 3:1. The end time or apocalypse characterised the series of events and times that would be preceding the coming of the lord Jesus Christ and the hour of revolution in which the systems and governments of this world will change beyond what we used to have .Many religious variably described the end time from different eschatological perspective;though we are already living in the last hour . Mathew 24:3-48. Like the day of Noah this existing universe will no longer be destroy by any natural disaster -Gen 6:5 .the destitution that will end up the existence of our universe is beyond human imagination and scientific theories ,Like some scientific publication that tried to predicts the year 2450 AD or 2700AD to be the time of the end or the hour where the earth would be destroyed by asteroid… This is far beyond human phantoms,theories , and knowledge .
No one know the appropriate time and hour of the coming of our lord Jesus Christ -Mark 13:32 ,Mathew 24:36. The Bible however described the signs that would herald the end time and his coming. We shall consider some of these signs and identifies some preparation to prevent us from been caught unaware .
(1) DECEPTION :-there will be deceit and corruption every where for there shall be traitors even amidst siblings, parent’s and their children, nations ,organizations ,political sectors, and many religious centres will be the climax of deception…
(2)SIGN OF ABUNDANT INIQUITIES :-The bible warn every Christians against this. Toward the last hour,there will be increase in iniquities, decadence, immorality,pervasiveness, corruption and lots of unimaginable sin that will originate from the pit of hell .Mathew 24:12
(3)SIGN OF PERIL :-2nd Timothy 3:2 -8. The word of God emphatically analysed some perils and hazardous events that will characterised the end time: ritual ,unsafe acts, lawlessness, lack of trust ,disobedience from children to parents, worldliness .just to mention but few .
(4)SIGN OF INCREASE IN KNOWLEDGE :The word of God says ;knowledge shall increase In the last day. The increased in knowledge will tend toward evil and mischievousness .high rate of technological advancement, media exposure to destitution….
There are many events that the Bible described from the book of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Joel,Zephaniah … One of it is the sign of the appearance of the son of man coming in cloud with his archangels and great trumpet, all nations of the world will intend to be united to one government with the mind to restore and rebuild the immoral city of babel -Gen 11:1-10.
The Bible says;if the days will not be shortened even the elect will not be safe,but for the sake of the elect the day will be shorten.Only those that are in Christ will be safe. For without the work of righteousness or holiness it will be very difficult to be deliver though our safety and deliverance toward the end is not a functions of our self righteousness or self holy acts but by grace.
every unbeliever will face a lots of perils like:disease, sickness,destruction, sudden death ,demolition, hunger, violation, lawlessness amidst the people of the world,and these will serve as the genesis of the judgement of every unbelievers…only the saved in Christ will be deliver in the last day from all these perils .
I will like you to understand that most of these aforementioned signs are already manifesting in our generation. Every Christian must be well prepare for the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ .therefore its been demanded of all Christians to stay tune and to be conscious

The last hour(end time2)

Of our living .for the mystery of iniquity doth already work ;only he who now letteth will let ,until he be taken out of the way – 2nd Thessalonica 2:7. It’s of no doubt that this generation has been heralded with the mystery of iniquity, therefore the people of God need to prepare very well knowing fully well that the end must come and Christ must return as promised -Act 1:11. beloved, you need to take heed for the end is no longer near but here .1st Corinthian 10:12 let no man deceive you with vain babbling -mark 13:5. The Bible warned us to watch and pray for the hour ,day,week,year no man know.
You are absolutely responsible for your life. The end is here,why don’t you give your life to Jesus ?He is the only one that can sustain you to overcome these perils that is hovering around the world .you need to pray this prayer if truly you want to finish strong and make it home.” Lord Jesus i believed that you come to this world because of my sin ,and I know that you died for me that i may have eternal life. I accept you today as my Lord and personal saviour because I want to reign with you .purify me and clean me by your blood and make me a new creature. In Jesus name I pray ,amen” . congratulation welcome to God’s big family. We believed you have been blessed by this epistle .To read more of our epistles , publications and to follow us on various media ,you can contact us through the following:

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Living in the heavenly 1



And hath raised us up together and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ jesus -Ephesian 2:6 . The phrase ‘heavenly places ‘ is used several times in the book of Ephesian “1:3 ,20 ,2:6 ,3:10 ,6:12″. This phrase is translated from the Greek word ‘epouranios ‘ ,meaning the sphere of spiritual activities. I like you to understand clearly that heavenly realm is the realm where we are situated with the host of heaven governing the counsel of our natural realm via faith … Ephesian 1:20 says that God raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realm .It’s been proofed beyond measure that we are together with Christ in the heavenly realm far above all infirmities, sickness ,poverty, pain,sorrow ,worry and oppression. We are spirit beings with a mandate to govern the earthly realm .However, in Ephesian 6:12 ,Paul speaks of evil forces In the second realm of the heavenly” our struggle is not against flesh and blood , but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms ”
The realm where we are strategically placed is called the supernatural, its far above and beyond the world which can be influenced by the natural world. For we are seated with Christ far above and beyond every territorial influence ,wickedness of the evils, demonic oppression, humiliation and depression .we are above all for we are god’s.Thus,we are no more slave to the power of darkness .Hallelujah!
The fulfilment of our reality can be reveal to us via the exercising of our strong faith. Hence ,its the amount of knowledge we gather about our heritage, power ,and jurisdiction that determine our operation in this supernatural realm . see what God says in John 3:31 “He that cometh from above is above all : he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth :he that come from above is above all ” we are God’s ambassador ordained to govern the counsel of this realm ,we are seated and situated far beyond the second heaven where principalities and demons operate .we saw the manifestation of this in the life of several men of God from the bible .they understood what it’s been required to dwell in the heavenly and they operate in it beyond the natural sense. In 2nd Kings 6:17 Elisha made it cleared how the innumerable company of angels and the host of heaven encamped him and his servant when the armies of the Assyrian intended to humiliate him .God’s has given all men equal access to access the heavenly but our choice and level of understanding determine the result.Our God will never prejudice ,we are absolutely responsible for every outcome result we have.
Every Christians at new birth received heaven in their heart and that is the access key to unlock the supernatural and to operates in the realm of the heavenly – Colossians 1:12,-14,27 ,Colossians 3:3-4.The heavenly realm is where God has supernaturally kept and installed our heritage and all our needed treasure we need here on earth. Therefore its take faith and divine operation to get it !
God desire us to reach out in faith to take all our heritage and heavenly position far beyond the natural world .To reach out in faith is beyond mere mouth work or gain saying; faith is not believing in something that does not exist ,but rather receiving something that God has already made available in the supernatural realm and bringing it into this natural realm. Without faith we cannot dwell in the realm of the heavenly. Our spiritual understanding must be broaden far above the conception of our analytical mind. Gods place a level demand of equity to anyone who can meet the requirements for the fulfilment. There are several examples of people reaching out in faith who operated supernaturally by touching heaven from this natural realm and God make them an inevitable phenomenon.

Living in the heavenly 2

They became terror to the terrors of darkness, and they humble every humiliation .amidst are :Elijah the prophet of God ,in 1st kings 18 :1-40 he conquered the 400 false prophets of Baal and called down fire to destroy 102 armies of Ahab; Also the world path finder and pace setter the lord Jesus Christ who performed tremendous miracle of multiplicity by feeding 5000 men excluding women and children in Mathew 14:15-21 ,Luke 9:12-17 ;What about The winning battle of the servant of Moses the young man Joshua .A man of influence with power that commanded the planetary bodies and they yielded to his voice – Joshua 10:12-14 ;I will never forget the wonders power at the red sea by moses the servant of God In Exodus 10:19 ,13:18,15:4 ;time will never fail me to forget the unimaginable last miracle of Elisha even at his death ….hmmmmmn dead man raising up another dead to life- 2nd king 13:20,21; what about the mysterious miracles of the great apostle paul a man that heal all manner of infirmities via his apron /handkerchief- Acts 19:12 ; And the Prince of the apostle Simeon the man called peter operated in the realm of heavenly through his shadow and people received their healing even without his real appearance -Act 5:15. Just to mention but few…
God has given everyone the equal privileges to access the heavenly .The bible says :God’s having provided some better things for us ,that they without us should not be made perfect -Hebrew 11:40.
Our ministrations as touching the heavenly is not of the lettered but of the spirit: for the letter kill but the spirit give life -2nd Corinthian 3:6 .we are life givers to every deadness in this realm , we are light to the darkness of our world ,for we are seated in the heavenly place with Christ Jesus far above all things .Hallelujah !
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Conquering nations 1



” And he said unto them Go ye into all the world (all nations ),and preach the gospel to every creature . And these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name shall they cast out devil ; they shall speak with new tongues – mark 16:15,17″ . The word nations is otherwise known as ‘ethnos’ from the Greek meaning. It’s of no doubt that every believer in Christ have been divinely commissioned for special assignments .It’s God great agenda for every believers to dominate every spheres and phases of this world. God has envisaged all his children to be in total control of every system across the globe. When Jesus gave his disciplines the command by sending them forth ,he gave them power ,dominion and authority over the wickedness of this world and to impart judgement to every jurisdictions they govern .it’s very crucial and expedient for every believers to have a full knowledge of what the divine mandate entails. Our command patter is beyond the status quo and improvident ! Go ye into all the world from the perspective of our lord is beyond the human collective existence which many understood from the lingual franca .God has divinely commissioned us to invade all the territories and systems ;our mandate range beyond religious theories or mental conception ,we need to practically and actively step into action by intruding all system and win it for Jesus . our primary goal is kingdom advancement .
All Christians have an inevitable roles to perform by providing solutions to every equivocal problem of the nations .’ for the earnest expectations of the creatures waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God .for the creature (nations) was made subject to vanity ,not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope -Romans 8 :19,20. God is commissioning every Christian in this dispensation to go beyond the five fold ministries .all Christian have been specially ordained for a very special purpose and that purpose is the reason for our existence ,our ultimate priority is to addictedly practice the kingdom demand “Go ye into all the world” . I like you to understand that we are born again not to be stupid again, we are Christian to live a Christ life of sovereignty and dominion far above impoverish ;we are the heathen vessels with enviable treasure -2nd Corinthian 4:7 .God’s plan and purpose for us is not to be living in ignominity,its time for all Christians to awake with kingdom mindset by fixing priorities where been demand.’ But in the last days it shall come to pass ,that the mountain of the house of the lord shall be established in the top of the mountains ,and it shall be exalted above the hills ; and people shall flow unto it . And many nations shall come,and say ,come ,and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD , and to the house of the GOD of Jacob ; and he will teach us of his ways ,and we will walk in his paths : for the law(instructions) shall go forth of Zion (from God’s people) ,and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem – Micah 4:12 ‘.
With reference to our command in mark 16:15; our ultimate priority has been issued prophetically in Micah 4:1,2 .God has divinely orchestrated us beyond stipulation to invade and prevail every jurisdiction :businesses, politics ,educations,technologies ,economics etc ‘psalm2:8’. God fashioned us as a giant to become the solution provider to every quest and desire of nations .we are made all things to all nations . “and unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews ; to them that are under the law as under the law ,that I might gain them that are under the law. To the weak became i as weak ; i am made all things to all men,that I might by all means save some -1st Corinthian 9:,20,22”. God is raising us up as a giants and armies with enormous preponderance and influence to invade violently every system,thereby conquering nations

Conquering nations

demolishing the kingdom of darkness and ending the world of decadence .hence, establishing the kingdom of Christ – Revelation 11:15.

“Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? And if the world shall be judged by you are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? 1st Corinthian 6:2 ” there’s are some guiding principles and mindset needed to be taken in order to subdue nations across the globe, and to influence every systems and territories for kingdom advancement. The following are divers concepts that will helps every Christian to be at the top of the world .
(1) ENGAGING THE SPIRIT/POWER OF EXCELLENT AND EXPLOITS : One of the concepts that needed to be observe in order to become a national phenomenon and solution center to every pervading issue is to engage the power of excellent and exploits…we saw the manifestation of this power in the life of Daniel .Daniel became the national consultant and inevitable phenomenon; he was inexhaustible in administrative knowledge and he operate at the zenith level in the Government that rule over the whole nations ‘Babylon’ . Daniel 5:11 ,Daniel 8:32.
(2) OPERATING VIA THE POWER OF SKILFULNESS AND GIFT . The word of God says: the gift of a man will make a room for him and bring him before great men -proverb 18:16. Some territories can never be invade until we are very much skillful and talented to provide the answer to their questions. We saw the manifestation of this power in the life of Joseph in Egypt.The skills and talents of Joseph make a room for him and he became the first prime minister in Egypt ‘ the current nation that rule the whole world ‘ – Gen 37: 9,10 ,Gen 40:5 , Gen 41:8-43.
(3)OPERATING UNDER THE INFLUENCE / LEADERSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT .But the comforter which is the holyghost ,whom the father will send in my name , he shall teach you all things , and bring all things to your remembrance ,whatsoever I have said unto you – john 14:26. Engaging the holy spirit will guarantee you divine breakthrough and support ;holy spirit will reveal mysteries to us and make us to be constantly relevant ,we saw the manifestation of this spirit in the life of the apostles -acts 2:1-47 ; they live a very purposeful life and they wrote the whole epistles of the new testament under the great influence and enormous power of the holy spirit with an undeniable impact till date.
(4) YOU MUST BE ANOINTED WITH POWER .” How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the holy Ghost and with power : who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him – Acts 10:38 ” you need to be anointed if indeed you want to dare the incredible and to invade every system for the primary purpose of kingdom expansion. We saw this anointing in the life of our lord Jesus Christ .He craved for power and anointing and he got it beyond measured and that explain the secret of his good landmark till date. “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you , and ye need not that any man teach you : but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things ,and is truth ,and is no lie ,and even as it hath taught you ,ye shall abide in him -1st John, 2:27. There is an unctuous that make a man to become a pace setter,path finder, and barrier breaker .God has orchestrated us to live a life of dominion by governing every council ,conquering nations ,and dealings with every wickedness of this world. Its demanded of us to operate with the principles and concepts that guarantee the desire result.
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